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A Novella by F.A. Spinoza

Hell, I Live Here is a novella which tells a dark, suspenseful, psychodramatic tale.

Dante was a newly hired psychiatric hospital orderly who was unprepared for the mental and physical horrors he would witness at his new job.  His guilt-riddled past, replete with bisexual episodes and dysfunctional lifetime events, seems to insert itself into his dealings with the hospital’s idiosyncratic characters.

Dante finds himself face to face with Julie the crack addict, George the public masturbator, Sarah the catatonic Auschwitz survivor, and the self-absorbed, overbearing Nurse Buttgeitz.  His attempts to live a normal life apart from his job end in pathetic dating disasters and confusing sexual encounters.  He begins to recall his own childhood.  Was it average?  Or was he raised with the same issues he sees in the patients at Stonepoint State Psychiatric Hospital?  Ultimately, his flashbacks, dream sequences, and psychotic mentality culminate in a shocking ending.

Dante is an everyman.  Readers will wonder if some of his difficulties are akin to their own fears and dreads.  Once the reading begins, it must be finished.